The World’s Most Valuable Brand 2017

Taken from Market Watch.

Six years after it lost the crown to Apple Inc., Google Inc. has reclaimed the title of the most valuable brand in the world. For Android fans, the reversal of fortune is especially gratifying given that much of Apple’s luster was largely due to the success of its iPhone.

“Google won out mainly because Apple’s fall was even more dramatic. The iPhone company saw its value drop by 26%,” said HowMuch.Net.

As of 2017, Alphabet’s GOOGL, +0.58% GOOG, +0.51%  Google brand is worth $109.47 billion, and Apple AAPL, -0.23%  is valued at $107.14 billion.

“The market is volatile and their survival is precarious. Huge, wealthy brands can stumble and shrink to a ghost of their former selves,” HowMuch said.

Brand value is more than just how much money companies are worth, according to the cost-estimating website. It also captures the abstract quality of how much confidence consumers have in the brand, as well as name recognition.

Looking at those companies that has a global brand, I’m thinking on how can we compete with them, although we have everything to be a strong as their business, one thing that probably we need to understand about the culture that sometime make us weak in understanding ‘uncontrollable’ factors that make us can’t be big.





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